Key Differences Between Branded And Generic Medications

Are you also asking yourself about the differences between the branded and the generic drugs? Well, for starters, branded drugs are more expensive than the generic variants. But, is it the only difference between these two kinds of medications? Let us find out. It is important for patients to know the drug variants. Some patients may think that generic medicines have inferior effects, and branded drugs are far more superior.

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Even though the active ingredients of both of these kinds of drug are closely related to one another, their inactive ingredients greatly vary. This is essential in several cases, especially if a user has developed a sensitivity to one of the active ingredients. Plus, the packaging, color, markings and even the shape of the medications may differ from one another. The great difference between these two drugs is their price range. Practically, more people choose generic drugs rather than the branded because of the affordable costs.

What Is A Branded Drug?

A branded drug can also be called as an innovator medication. Most people seek this type of drug because they thought it is more effective than its counterpart. However, the steep price of this kind of medication might not be its greatest selling point. Primarily, these medications are marketed as a brand new chemical entity.

What Is A Generic Medication?

It is true that most of the generic variety of drugs today are made from the branded counterparts. Most manufacturers producing generic drugs take advantage of creating them once the patent of the branded has expired.

The Similarities Between Branded And Generic Medicines

You, as a patient, must know that these two classifications of medication are similar. They have the same active ingredients and they both passed different tests posed by the health organizations where they are produced. It means that they are both safe for consumption. It is assumed that the overall potency of the branded drug can also be present to its generic counterpart, as long as the bio-equivalence is concerned.

How Safe Is A Generic Medicine Is?

As long as the generic medications are approved by the health organizations, they are safe to consume. The makers of the generic variants of medicines must prove that they can match the overall potency of the branded ones. This way, they know that they can compete with the branded drugs in the market. In addition, the makers of the generic medicines must comply and adhere to the standards for manufacturing. Among the things included are the quality of the ingredients, the process of the manufacturing itself and the safe facilities where the production must take place.